Peachy Keen Memorial

Peachy Keen Memorial

Dearest NVTRP Community,

It is with a heavy heart that I share Peaches, our beloved pony, passed away on Saturday, March 3rd.  She lived her nearly 39 years of life full of love, both giving and receiving.

If you had the pleasure of knowing Peaches, a.k.a. Peachy Keen, you know she was a shining start at her job.  Deeply proud of being a therapeutic riding horse, she had a gift for knowing what each rider needed.  She would step carefully, pausing if her rider became off-balance during a hippotherapy session, or trot forward with determination with a rider ready to gain more confidence.

Peaches had the perfect balance of kindness and sass.  Many of us will remember fondly her adorable nickering anytime someone brought her food.  Her endearing barn title of “princess” suited her perfectly.  Even in retirement, she bossed around the rest of the herd and added sass to each day.

Since her passing, we’ve heard stories from an overwhelming number of NVTRP friends present and past.  Thank you all for sharing your memories.  Peaches leaves a remarkable legacy.

We look forward to sharing more memories at Peaches’ Memorial Service, this Sunday, March 18th, at 10:30 am at NVTRP.  If you have not yet done so, please RSVP to if you can join us.

As we were thinking about how to best memorialize Peaches, we thought it fitting to name a stall in the new barn in her memory.  I really think Peaches passed away knowing that our long-awaited dream of an indoor riding arena and new barn was becoming a reality.  She wanted the very best for our riders and undoubtedly sensed the life-changing opportunities this project would provide them.

The Princess Peaches Memorial Stall will make sure that our beloved friend’s memory lives on, reminding each of us to fill our days with kindness, and to always, always look out for one another.  You can learn more about NVTRP’s Build to Thrive project, which includes the indoor riding arena and stall, here.

We will also be burying Peaches’ ashes at the farm and planting a tree in her memory.  In addition we will bury a memory box alongside her remains.  If you would like to submit a note, drawing, or something similar to go into the box you can bring it to the memorial service or mail it to NVTRP by April 30th.

If you would like to donate to the Princess Peaches Memorial Stall, you can do so here or with a check made payable to NVTRP with Peaches noted in the memo line and mailed to NVTRP.

It will be our honor to create a space that pays tribute to Peachy Keen, NVTRP’s therapy horse royalty.

Ride on Peaches.

Kelsey Gallagher
Executive Director







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