“ADOPT” Happy & Teddy

“ADOPT” Happy & Teddy

Teddy and Happy need your help! These two beloved equines have yet to be adopted. But you can change that!

NVTRP spends approximately $4,000/year to care for each of our hard working equines. That includes their food, supplements, and routine medical, dental, and farrier care. When not so routine things happen—like Teddy’s colic earlier this year—the costs go up. Quickly.

So that we can show our appreciation to Teddy and Happy for the countless ways they improve the lives of our riders, volunteers, and staff, we’ve selected them to go head-to-head and see who can get fully adopted first! You can make sure Teddy or Happy get the very best care possible in the coming school year by donating as little as $11 or as much the whole $4,000. Sponsorship options include $11 for a day, $77 for a week, $333 for a month, $1,000 for a quarter, or any combination thereof.

You can join the fun today by making your donation here:


Make sure to check Facebook and Instagram for regular updates on Teddy and Happy’s progress.

Huge thanks to Teddy and Happy for working so hard all year long, and to all of you who care so much about all of our equines!

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